2015-2016 For the world, it was the culmination of years of advocacy efforts for human rightsbased sustainable development into Agenda 2030. For APA, it was a time to revitalize and recoalesce our mandate in alignment with this new 15 year global development agenda. An ambitious organizational effectiveness review process was completed in 2015, resulting in a new vision and membership strategy for the network, which was unrolled in 2016.


2014 was a year to advocate for true accountability in the sustainable development agenda. Collective energies were focused on ensuring the development of an accountable framework at the national, regional and global levels for the post-2015 development agenda.


2013 was a momentous year that saw the SRHR community mobilize and garner support for our issues in the review for International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) beyond 2014 and the run-up to the new global post-2015 development agenda. The APA network coalesced to ensure that priority issues in Asia and the Pacific gained recognition in the different processes at national, regional and global levels. Read the annual report here.

2012 saw the need for a united effort with debates over the review process and future of the ICPD  and overlapping global processes shaping the new post-2015 development framework. Within the advocacy community, there was concern that a human rights framework which specifies the importance of SRHR could be left out of a new global framework, as during the development of the MDGs. Read the annual report here.

2011 With debates over the future of the ICPD and the impending Millennium Development Goal deadline of 2015, APA strengthened dialogue for future directions of NGO advocacy on SRHR in Asia and the Pacific, to propel the regional agenda forward. Read the annual report here.

2010 marked the tenth year of adoption of the MDGs, APA focused advocacy work on the importance of investing in SRHR to achieve the MDGs. Read the annual report here.

2009 was an exciting year of progress and change for APA. With 2009 marking 15 years since the adoption of the ICPD, much of our work centred on ICPD+15 review activities, with meetings in Bangkok, Berlin and Addis Ababa. Read the annual report here.


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