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SRHIndia_coverSexual and Reproductive Health Financing in India: Making SRHR Count.  2014  

This study examines the patterns of spending on SRH in India and investigates the changing pattern of spending at state level, comparing the results from two states, Karnataka and Bihar; the former for its relatively high development indicators and the latter for its lower indicators. Findings show that India has not made sufficient progress towards achieving universal access to reproductive health and the reduction maternal mortality. Read the study here.



Cover_SRHR_ResourceFlows_2012Resource Flows for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Asia and the Pacific: GAPS AND OPPORTUNITIES. 2012  

This report replicates and builds on the Resource Flows Project 2010 Report to strengthen the case for SRHR in Asia and the Pacific. It shows how unmet needs, as well as how the funding and international aid architecture has changed. A new section on South-South cooperation and triangular cooperation has been included, which identifies some of the key emerging donors for Asia and the Pacific and uptapped opportunities. Read the publication here.



apa_engaging_the_new_asean_2012_cover Engaging the 'New' ASEAN. 2012

This  60-page resource kit provides an overview of sexual and reporodutive health and rights (SRHR) in the 10 ASEAN member states and the key ASEAN structures and stakeholders related to SRHR; as well as tools and frameworks with recommendations of opportunities for civil society engagement with ASEAN.  Read the kit here.





 Making SRHR Count: Asia Pacific Resource Flows Project. 2010 

This report tracks and analyzes existing data on resources flows for SRHR for a wide range of countries in Asia and the Pacific.  It identifies the gaps and most urgent needs for SRHR donor assistance, and lays out the challenges and opportunies for resource flow tracking.  Read the full report here.





 Contraceptive Security and Meeting Reproductive Health Needs in SE Asia. 2010

This synthesis report reviews the provision of contraceptive services and commodities in Southeast Asia, assessing progress in achieving contraceptive security and meeting the reproductive health needs of the region's population. Read the full report here.




cover_apa_intimate_relations_2008 Intimate Relations: Sex, Lives and Poverty. 2008

This resource was created for policy-makers and programmers who work in the international development sector. The resource uses key international and Pacific based information to show how investment in sexual and reproductive health and rights contributes to the reduction of poverty.  Read the full report here.



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