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Our Members

APA members are united in their commitment to the realization of SRHR for all.

Our members all believe in a common set of values that underpins their work in the areas of advocacy, human rights, service delivery and public health research in Asia Pacific. APA members are national, regional and global civil society organizations and individuals that focus on SRHRin Asia and the Pacific.


Here’s what some of our members have to say about the APA network
“The diversity in SRHR needs & issue of the countries in Asia Pacific region require coming together for dialogue, knowledge sharing, advocacy and joint action and APA is providing the platform to do exactly that !”
Rubina Ali
SRHR activist from Pakistan
"As a youth member of APA’s Steering Committee, I gained invaluable knowledge and skills as I lobbied and advocated for SRHR in different regional and international spaces. I felt more confident as I know APA and its partners is there to support me. One concrete example is when I delivered a statement on behalf of more than 52 CSOs from 24 countries for the 6th Asian and the Pacific Population Conference (6APPC) and the ICPD PoA in Asia Pacific. "
Lloyd Nunag
Youth Coalition representative from the Philippines
“If you are seeking detailed information on SRHR advocacy focused on Asia and the Pacific regions, there is the Asia Pacific Alliance."
Kemas Achmad Mujoko (Jojo)
National Coordinator of Aliansi Remaja Independen (ARI), Indonesia